This Master-Course, unique in Italy, project falls under the “Observatory and Methods for Health (OsMeSa)” of the Sociology and Social Research Department, Milan-Bicocca University (Mara Tognetti Bordogna) and the Charity “Association for Person-Centered Medicine”, Bologna (Paolo Roberti di Sarsina). It aims to provide participants with the tools for grasping and analysing the real state of the health system at present and projected into the future, bearing in mind the dynamics of change and the increasing resort to Traditional and Non Conventional Medicines.

This first edition sets out to give a sound theoretical and practical basis for the health professional: it will include rudiments of management and economics, clinical practice, familiarization with various differing schools of medicine and applied relating skills. How Traditional and Non Conventional Medicines are being included in healthcare systems will be a particular focus. As part of planning and assessment of health systems (regionally, nationally, internationally) course participants will be taught to analyse, quantitatively and qualitatively, the inequalities of health arising from the various systems of treatment and research.

The Master-course will address the subjects of health, person-centred medicine, Traditional and Non Conventional Medicines, anthropological health systems. To this end it will survey various health models and their impact on welfare, and go into the latest topics of Health Sociology. The Master-course is designed for those in search of new skills and professionalism to employ in improving management of health trusts, veterinary branches of the health system, hospitals and clinics, wellness centres, centres studying and researching into health and disease. It will focus on changes in people’s demand for treatment, and cater for higher researchers on issues of Health and Wellness. The intention is to train managers, decision-makers, researchers and health workers to plan a person-centred, sustainable, transparent and honest health model of relevance to the individual citizen, health units and epidemiological research teams.

The Master-course aims, in short, to train a manager to plan a health model from the citizen’s angle. Improving health management systems will entail awareness of drugs and their cost/benefit in the various branches of medicine, teaching the public a pro-health attitude, knowledge of the relevant law in Italy and abroad, relations with the media, informedconsent for a really free choice of therapy pathway, social service/healthcare integration across the territory, criteria of quality, safety and effectiveness of treatments and medication among the various health systems and traditional medicines represented. The techniques of management acquired during the Master-course will be of help in organizing, decision-making, and providing managerial expertise in the key roles of planning, monitoring and assessment within the complexities of health service administration in terms of prevention, therapy and research.

This Master-course is suitable for: doctors, dentists, vets, biologists, dispensing chemists; administrators, executives and managers; graduates in humanities and social sciences; LocalHealth Unit staff, workers in hospitals, especially those with wellness departments, the Scientific Health Institute, Foundations and Hospices, Palliative Care Centres; health workers at Local Authority social services, in the service sector, in private and/or accredited facilities; regional officers and administrators; PhD and university researchers; researchers in private and public organizations; observatory staff; members of the public if in possession of the right qualifications. Those with a foreign study qualification may take part provided it is declared equivalent to one of the above qualifications by an Italian academic authority.

The mastercourse, at its first edition, will be taught only in Italian language and it requires attendance onsite.
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