Trade nomination of the preparation: Gastroguttal

Manufacturing enterprise, country
Mospharma, Russia, Moscow, Pharmaceutical passage, 1

Registration code: Р № 003532/01, 18.06.04 - 18.06.09

Drug formulation: Drops for oral administration

Valerian tincture - 40 ml.
Absinth tincture - 30 ml.
Peppermint tincture - 20 ml.
Belladonna tincture - 10 ml.

Type of action and indications for use:
Preparation produce evident spasmolytic and sedative action.
Gastrointestinal tract diseases, accompanied by spasms of smooth muscles: (chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, etc.).

Contra indications and side effects:
Hypersensibility to the components of the preparation, glaucoma, hyperacid gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer in the period of exacerbation.
Allergic response is possible. It is possible of appearance of oral mucosa dryness, papillary dilatation, heartburn, stomach aches at overdoses or prolong application.

Posology and method of administration:
Adults apply 20-30 drops on one application 3 times a day.

Special remarks and act habit of ingredients:
It is possible of appearance of oral mucosa dryness, papillary dilatation at overdose.
Strengthen effect of soporific and sedative preparation, and spasmolytics.

Retail sale:
Chemist shop of the Moscow pharmaceutical factory (there is a production homoeopathic department in the chemist shop)
Address: Moscow, 4th Voikovskii passage, 10 (near metro station Voikovskaya)
Phone: (499) 150-88-51; (499) 150-44-65
Network of pharmacies:
«Capital chemist shops» (495) 627-05-61
«Old physician» (495) 380-00-38
«Samson-pharma» (495) 917-03-21, 237-44-49, 913-99-66, 320-30-59, 203-20-81, 628-46-92, 251-22-27, 741-48-97, 624-70-48
«Rigla» (495) 730-27-30
«Geksal» (495) 980-52-62
«Zempharm» (495) 980-22-80
«TRiKa» (495) 789-62-63
and other chemist shops

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