Face mask based on mineral substances of Dead Sea clay

Face mask based on mineral substances of Dead Sea clay



Manufacturing enterprise: China, «GUANGZHOU CORINNE Cosmetics Co. Ltd.», г. Guangzhou, Huato street, 36.

Protocol of sanitary and healthcare inspection № 54.НС.08.915.П.009824.09.07. of September 20, 2007

Provider: Russia Ltd. «Greenway» Novosibirsk, Ermakova street 3, phone 8(383)212-50-55

Composition: components of Dead Sea clay, extract of marine algae, oil of rape seeds, activating vegetative ferments.

Action: Creamy mask cleans deeply, produces moisture, regulates fat secretion of face skin, cleans and tie up pores, reduces inflammation, prevents appearing of blackheads, tonifies and lifts skin, makes it tender and shiny. Dead Sea minerals restore tugor, lift and strengthen skin. It is appropriate for all types of skin.

Method of administration: put a mask on cleansed skin of face, neck and décolleté, wash out with clean water in 20 minutes, put cream or tonic. It is applied 2-3 times a week.

Contra indications: individual intolerance of the components.

Date of issue and expiration date are indicated on the pack.

Store at room temperature

Pack: 50g.*4 pieces




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