Extract of procumbent palm, vitamin E, zinc №30

Extract of procumbent palm, vitamin E, zinc №30

It is produced fro men with the aim to prevent inflammation and hyperplasia of prostate gland

Manufacturing enterprise, country:
Mospharma, Russia, Moscow, Pharmaceutical passage, 1

Creeping palm (Serenoa repens).
Medicinal raw material is fruit, which contains steroid compounding - phytosterols, the main of which is beta-sytosterol. Moreover, there are a lot of rich oils in fruit, also flavones, carotenoids, ferments and hardening substances.
Biologically active components of creeping palm produce tonic effect on the men reproductive function and are the remedy for prevention of hyperplasia of prostate gland.

Vitamin Е.
Tocopherol is the main antioxidant in the human organism, whick blocks the production of free radicals and it is conductive to "cleaning" the organism's cells from them.
Vitamin Е plays regulative role in metabolism of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, hormones, lipid soluble vitamins A and D, producing more effect on the activity of the different organism's systems - cardio-vascular, hemogenic, muscle, endocrine glands (including genital).
It produces preventive effect in respect of pathology of genital sphere organs (prostate gland) and atherosclerosis of vessels, positively influence on all the metabolic processes in the organism.

Zinc (Zn).
It is the most important microelement, it has influence on activity of genital and gonadotrophic hormones of hypophysis. The close connection with hormones and ferments explains its influence on carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism.
Zinc plays paramount role in prevention of prostatitis and hyperplasia of prostate gland.

Dry extract of creeping palm, vitamin E, zinc oxide, additional components: calcium stearate, lactose.

Recommendations for application:
It is recommended as BAA to food - additional source of vitamin E and Zinc, contains beta-sytosterol.

Contra indications:
Individual intolerance of the components of BAA

Posology and method of administration:
Adults apply 1 capsule 1-2 times a day during meals drinking water of juice.
1 capsule contains Vitamin E 8 mg., which provides day dosage of organism need for 80 - 160%; zinc - 4 mg., which provides day dosage of organism need for 27 - 53%.

Form of issue:
Hard gelatin capsules. Mass of contains is 0,32 g.

Expiration date: 2 years from date of production.


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