Deadly nightshade (Belladonna) homeopathic granules

Deadly nightshade (Belladonna) homeopathic granules

homoeopathic granules

(are produced in dilution C6)
Trade nomination of the preparation: homoeopathic granules Belladonna.
Registration code: Р N003578/01-004
Manufacturing enterprise: Ltd. "OLLO", Russia.
Drug formulation: homoeopathic granules.
Formula: active component: homoeopathic dilution Belladonna C6 - 1,0 g.

Auxiliary components: homoeopathic granules (sugar semolina) - 100,0 g.
Indications for use: often used at lancinating pyrexial diseases, quinsy, otitis (in homoeopathy mainly dextral otitis)
Symptoms, which indicate to necessarily use of Belladonna: high temperature, perspiration, rich red throat and face, delirium and convulsions are possible at very high intoxication. Shine eyes, dryness of the mouth, strong pulsating headache. Hypersensitivity to any exciters: light, ache and others.
Belladonna C6 is often prescribed at acute start of scarlet fever.
Contra indications and side effects: not diagnosed.
Special instructions: The therapy with preparation Belladonna is worthwhile to conduct after preliminary physician's consultation.
Posology and method of administration:
3 granules a day 30 minutes before meals every 2 days.
At long-term administration it is recommended to treat under the care of a homoeopathist physician.
It is not recommended to use species, tangerines, alcohol for food during application of homoeopathic preparation.

Interaction with other medicinal preparation: Negative interaction of the preparation Belladonna with other medicinal preparation is not diagnosed.

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