Cream “ample breast”

Cream “ample breast”



Manufacturing enterprise: China, «GUANGZHOU CORINNE Cosmetics Co. Ltd.», г. Guangzhou, Huato street, 36.

Protocol of sanitary and healthcare inspection № 54.НС.08.915.П.008928.09.07. of September 20, 2007

Provider: Russia Ltd. «Greenway» Novosibirsk, Ermakova street 3, phone 8(383)212-50-55

Composition: extract of brown algae, red pigment, avocado oil.

Action: Cream is conductive to strengthening of breast tissue, improves blood circulation and nutritive absorption, softens and lifts skin, put breast into good shape. At regular application of cream, breast and decollete keep beauty and health for a long time.

Method of administration: after cleansing put cream on the area of breast, make light massage for full absorption. Using of cream after mask will strengthen effect of improving of breast shape. It is possible to apply cream in a day.

Contra indications: individual intolerance of the components, tumor in mammary glands.

Date of issue and expiration date are indicated on the pack.

Store at room temperature

Weight: 50 g.



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