Chamomilla homeopathic granules

Chamomilla homeopathic granules

homeopathic granules
(are produced in dilution С6)

Trade nomination of the preparation: homoeopathic granules CHAMOMILLA.

Registration code: Р N003578/01-069

Manufacturing enterprise: Ltd. "OLLO", Russia.

Drug formulation: homoeopathic granules.

Composition: Active component: homoeopathic dilution CHAMOMILLA С6 - 1,0 g.
Auxiliary components: homoeopathic granules (sugar semolina) - 100,0 g.

Indications for use: At acute cases of ear aches preparation acts as anesthetic.
Apply at insomnia, interrupted by nightmare, at general irritability, emotional tense. Apply also at dyspepsia cases both food and infection origin.

Contra indications and side effects: not diagnosed.

Special instructions: The therapy with preparation Chamomilla is worthwhile to conduct after preliminary physician's consultation.

Posology and method of administration: 3 granules one time (single application) 30 minutes before meals.
Repeated administration is only after consultation with a homoeopathist.
It is not recommended to use species, tangerines, alcohol for food during application of homoeopathic preparation.

Interaction with other medicinal preparation:
Negative interaction of the preparation Chamomilla with other medicinal preparation is not diagnosed.

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