Balsamic Liniment Wishnevsky

Balsamic Liniment Wishnevsky



Trade nomination of the preparation: balsamic Liniment Wishnevsky

Manufacturing enterprise, country
Mospharma, Russia, Moscow, Pharmaceutical passage, 1
Registration code:

Drug formulation: Liniment
Birch bark oil - 3 g.
Bismuth threebromecarbolate - 3 g.
Colloidal silicon dioxide - 5 g.
Castor oil - 89 g.

Types of action and indication for use:
Produce anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect.
Uninfected postoperative, posttraumatic wounds of skin and soft tissues, sore, decubital ulcer.

Contra indications and side effects:
Hypersensibility to the components of the preparation.
Allergic response is possible.

Posology and method of administration:
Apply exteriorly. Put on the affected skin area gauze pad, imbued with liniment.

Special remarks and act habit of ingredients:
Antiseptic preparation. Skin irritability is possible at prolong application.

Retail sale:
Chemist shop of the Moscow pharmaceutical factory (there is a production homoeopathic department in the chemist shop)
Address: Moscow, 4th Voikovskii passage, 10 (near metro station Voikovskaya)
Phone: (499) 150-88-51; (499) 150-44-65
Network of pharmacies:
«Capital chemist shops» (495) 627-05-61
«Old physician» (495) 380-00-38
«Samson-pharma» (495) 917-03-21, 237-44-49, 913-99-66, 320-30-59, 203-20-81, 628-46-92, 251-22-27, 741-48-97, 624-70-48
«Rigla» (495) 730-27-30
«Geksal» (495) 980-52-62
«Zempharm» (495) 980-22-80
«TRiKa» (495) 789-62-63
and other chemist shops


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