Aromatic cream for omphalus

Aromatic cream for omphalus




Manufacturing enterprise: China, «GUANGZHOU CORINNE Cosmetics Co. Ltd.», г. Guangzhou, Huato street, 36.

Protocol of sanitary and healthcare inspection № 54.НС.08.915.П.008928.09.07. of September 20, 2007

Provider: Russia Ltd. «Greenway» Novosibirsk, Ermakova street 3, phone 8(383)212-50-55

Composition: It is manufactured on the basic of natural vegetative components, it contains rose oil and agar-agar of seaweeds.

Action: Cream is applied for massage of the omphalus area. It regulates the process of endocrine secretion, it is conductive to normalization of menstrual cycle, ease, anaesthetize, removes discomfort in the area of stomach and epigastrium. Cream quickly removes congestion in the lower part of stomach and small pelvis area. It warms spleen and kidney, improves work of intestinal, normalizes moving of blood and chi, cleans and restores moving of energy through meridians. It reduces feeling of irritability, anxiety, insomnia and depressive states. It is possible to apply every day or when it is necessary. It is appropriate for home application and professional massage.

Method of administration: after cleaning of skin put some cream on the area of omphalus, massage it slightly during 10 minutes in a clockwise direction, float out the rest with clean water. It is possible to apply it together with mask HF-002 and wrapping.

Contra indications: individual intolerance of the components, do not apply in acute states.

Date of issue and expiration date are indicated on the pack.

Store at room temperature

Weight: 50 g



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