ANGIOSAN, a complex homeopathic preparation

ANGIOSAN, a complex homeopathic preparation

Commercial preparation name: ANGIOSAN, a complex homeopathic preparation.
Registration number: ?
Enterprise-manufacturer, country: Open Society Organization "Homeopharma", Russia.
Pharmaceutical form:
The homeopathic granules.
Arnica C6, Vanadium C12, Aurum jodatum C6, Cholesterinum C12.
Effect forms and application indications:
An antiatherosclerotic, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, cholesterolregulating, angioprotective action. Prevents the early sclerosing and ageing of vessels. Used with atherosclerosis of heart vessels, cerebrum, limbs; hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol level in blood); metabolic imbalance with the "slagging" of vessels.
Contra-indications and side reactions:
A hyper individual sensitization to the preparation.
The allergic reactions are possible.
Method of application and doses:
5 granules 2-3 times a day in 15 minutes before meal. It is recommended to use this preparation in courses no less than 1,5 months. It is recommended to use 2-3 such courses during the year. For preventive measures (prevents the atherosclerosis development) - 1-3 granules every day in the courses of 2-3 weeks; a repetition with adjournments of a month.
Goes good with the line of preparations for vessels.
Special indications and features of the ingredients' effect:
ARNICA MONTANA - Arnica C6 (mountain arnica in dilution 10-12)
- Regulates the tone of smooth muscles of the vascular wall.

VANADIUM - Vanadium C12 (in dilution 10-24)
- Regulates the contraction of smooth muscles of the vascular wall.
- Participates in the lipometabolism activating the fat oxidation.

AURUM JODATUM - Aurum iodine C6 ((Iodide gold, "gold" iodine) in dilution 10-12).
- Strengthens the vascular walls.
- Endocrinoregulating action: on metabolism.

CHOLESTERINUM - Cholesterinum C12 (cholesterol preparation in dilution 10-24)
- Regulates the cholesterol level in organism.
- Improves the peripheral blood flow, regulates the blood coagulability.

All the components influence positively on the lipometabolism, thus improving the metabolic processes in the vascular wall and preventing the atherosclerosis plaques.

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