ALLERGIN, a homeopathic ointment

ALLERGIN, a homeopathic ointment

Commercial preparation name: ALLERGIN, a homeopathic ointment
Registration number:
Pharmaceutical form:
The homeopathic ointment
Enterprise - manufacturer: Open Society Organization "Homeopharma", Russia.
Apis D1, Belladonna D1, Fagopyrus D3, Fumaria D3, subsidiary substances: lanolin, vaseline, wax.
Effect forms and application indications:
Local antiallergic action in the affection region; desensitizing action with different allergic diseases and conditions; anti-edematous action; spasmolytic action.
The ointment is used with allergic dermatitises (urticaria, angioneurotic edema, skin itch of different etiology).
Contra-indications and side reactions:
A hyper individual sensitization to the preparation.
The allergic reactions are possible.
Method of application and doses:
An ointment is spread on the skin - exactly on the affection region with a thin layer without infriction, 2-3 times a day till the symptoms change, later - 1-2 times a day.
It is possible to do ointment wrappings. If a long-term treatment is required - pause using an ointment for 7 days after every fortnight.
Special indications and features of the ingredients' effect:
APIS MELLIFICA - Apis С3, (a melliferous bee in dilution 10-6).
- A resolvent, decongestant, desensitizing, antiallergenic agent.
- An action to a skin and mucous membranes, lymph.
- Is applied with all the diseases followed by a hypostasis: a hypostasis with pricking pains, burning, sensitive to a touch with absence of thirst, tonsillitis, quinsy, urticaria; diseases accompanied by liquid congestion in the tissues or cavities: ovarian cysts, hydropic tumours of nephritic origin, serous discharges with a pleurisy, conjunctivitis, panaritium; symptoms of irritation, brain and brain tunics' inflammations; diseases of kidneys, ephrite after haemorrhagic fevers and scarlet fevers, erysipelatous inflammation (especially on the face).

BELLADONNA - Belladonna С3, (Deadly nightshade. Belladonna in dilution 10-6).
- Anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, antiallergic, regulating vasomotor abnormality agent.
- Action on the nervous, lymphatic systems, mucous, skin, cellular tissue.

FAGOPYRUM - Fagopirum D3. (Buckwheat in dilution 10-10).
- Eczema with irritation.
- Phototoxic skin reaction (light sensitivity).

FUMARIA - Fumarija D3 (Common fumitory in dilution 10-10).
- Long autoimmune processes with a surplus of homotoxines formation.
- Scrofula (allergic abnormalities of a calcium metabolism by babies).

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